Alaska Airlines testing ViewTag with passengers and employees

Alaska Airlines testing ViewTag with passengers and employees

March 28, 2016

For years now, airlines have experimented with different programs — like real-time baggage tracking — that aim to ensure that passengers and their luggage arrive together and in one piece. Alaska Airlines is jumping on the issue, allowing some passengers to replace traditional checked bag tags with a high-tech, electronic version.

The airline recently expanded its test of an electronic, reusable luggage tag that links to the airline’s mobile app to about 50 passengers, the Los Angeles Times reports.

The program, which began last year with about 60 employees, allows travelers to quickly check their bags and obtain an electronic version of their baggage information.

When a passenger checks in using the airline’s mobile app they’re asked if they want to activate an electronic bag tag.

Once the tag is turned on, the Bluetooth technology in the passenger’s phone is synched with the tag, which then displays all of the traveler’s flight information.

While the test is currently small in scale, the carrier plans to expand it to about 500 passengers later this year.


Originally published by Consumerist®