Major airline consortium signs 5-year agreement with ViewTag

Major airline consortium signs 5-year agreement with ViewTag

July 05, 2018

A major airline, part of an international consortium of airlines, has signed a 5-year agreement to be the exclusive supplier of ViewTag® to its 96 million customers worldwide. Frequent flyers that value their time and want to limit the inconveniences of air travel will soon gain greater convenience and visibility to their luggage through the alliance with ViewTag.

ViewTag is a permanent, digital alternative to paper-based bag tags that securely attaches to your luggage. It offers friction-free check-in at home or anywhere helping passengers avoid the long lines at any airport worldwide. The airlines will allow you to track your bags throughout the airport handling process using their app.

Richard Warther, CEO at ViewTag said, “By allowing passengers to enter their information digitally before they arrive at the airport, check-in is reduced to a matter of seconds.”

ViewTag is equipped with RFID, Bluetooth QR, and a digital display that shows the same flight information as traditional paper-based bag tags. RFID provides unique identification for each passenger. Bluetooth technology allows passengers to electronically update their ViewTag at the time of check-in, even when they are not at the airport. ViewTag is constructed with a plastic Electrophoretic Display for extreme durability. The digital display features colors required for European airlines. ViewTag meets baggage requirements for future travel with the FAA, FCC/CE, ICAO, and TSA.

ViewTag, a simply speedier airport experience.