The inspiration

ViewTag® is a forward-thinking idea that started in 2010 when CEO and barcode pioneer Rick Warther found himself stuck in a long line at the airport check-in and missed a flight. At that moment, electronic bag tags (EBTs) were conceived with the vision to replace paper-based tags using RFID technology.

Getting industry-ready

The first consortium on EBTs was hosted by ViewTag at its West Chester, Pennsylvania headquarters. This brought together the International Air Transport Association (IATA) and representatives from 16 airlines. ViewTag helped set the standard by forming tight collaborations with its airline partners and the IATA—meeting baggage requirements for future travel with the FAA, FCC/CE, ICAO, and TSA.

More efficient air transportation

According to the SITA Baggage Report, “...baggage handling continues to be one of the single largest bottlenecks to a streamlined passenger process and an efficient air transport business model.” ViewTag is helping major airlines improve the airport experience for their passengers worldwide.

Proud industry partnership

ViewTag is a strategic partner of the International Air Transport Association (IATA). They represent 280 airlines (83% of total air traffic) worldwide helping to formulate policy on critical aviation issues.

Join progressive team

Our partnerships with major airlines give us the agility to improve the airport experience for passengers worldwide. Be innovative and thrive to change in our technology-driven culture of product engineering, superior customer service, and end-to-end relationship managers.

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