For passengers

  • How do I activate my ViewTag?
    When you receive your ViewTag, you’ll be asked to download our app and follow steps to register your product before using it on your travels. Trust us, it’s worth the couple minutes compared to the time you’ll save not having to wait in lines to check your bag.
  • Do I need to recharge my ViewTag?
    No, ViewTag’s battery life will last you years even with daily use. Battery life is rated for 3,200 screen changes and varies based on storage temperatures.
  • How do I attach my ViewTag?
    ViewTag securely attaches to your luggage. Included with every ViewTag is a pin-key to unlock the ViewTag clasp. Simply insert the pin-key into the slot located on the left side of the clasp to unlock. Then, wrap the strap around your luggage handle and snap-close to lock.
  • How do I transfer my flight information to my ViewTag?
    Upon your flight check-in on the airline’s mobile app, you can check-in your bag. Please note that ViewTag only works with partner airlines. Stay up-to-date on our newest airline alliances.
  • When do I update my ViewTag?
    You can update your ViewTag with new travel information once you have checked-in for your flight using the airline’s mobile app.
  • Can I let a family member use my ViewTag?
    Yes, using the ViewTag app you can allow multiple users to register with your ViewTag.
  • What if I am flying on an airline that does not use ViewTag?
    Don’t worry! We are working every day to add partner airlines. But if you need to remove your flight information from a previous trip, hold the button down for 3 seconds, release, and press once to blank the display. To recall this information, hold the button down for 10 seconds, release, and press once. Voila!

For airlines

  • How can I explore the benefits of ViewTag for my airline and passengers?
    Please contact ViewTag at info@viewtag.com to schedule a consultation. We have helped numerous airlines explore, integrate, and launch successful electronic bag tag (EBT) pilot programs. We can also provide key information to support your business case with multiple models—done at no charge.