For passengers

  • How do I use TAG?
    On receiving your TAG, please open your app, go to the Settings tab and select “TAG”. The app will then walk you through the process of adding the TAG, which is done by scanning the QR code on the back of the TAG. If you want to use TAG on your flight, complete the online check in process as normal, being sure to select at least one bag to check in. If you are travelling on a TAG eligible route, after check in you will see “TAG available” on the home screen of your app under your flight details. Tap this option, and the app will walk you through the simple steps to update your TAG.
  • When can I use my TAG?
    You can use TAG if you wish to check baggage in and have a checked baggage allowance. If you do not have a checked baggage allowance, then TAG will not work. Please note that if you set up a TAG for a flight/booking on which you don’t intend to check in baggage, the TAG number will need to be removed by a member of staff at the airport and will result in a delay to your check in experience.
  • What do I do at the airport?
    If you are flying from London Heathrow Terminal 5, you can use any self-service bag drop unit, or your eligible bag drop desk. If you are flying from any other TAG-eligible airport, you will need to see a member of British Airways staff at any bag drop desk.
  • How do I get a baggage receipt?
    The receipt is generated automatically by the app. This can be accessed within the flight information section in the mobile app.
  • How many TAGs can I use?
    We currently support a single TAG per customer within the British Airways app. If you have multiple bags, you will only be able to use TAG on one of them at the current time. Subsequent bags will be tagged at the airport with paper tags.
  • Can I use multiple TAGs within the same booking?
    We do support multiple TAGs within the same booking, but each customer will need to have the mobile app installed on a compatible device and be logged into their own Executive Club account. They can then setup TAG for their own bag by following the procedure outlined above. Our intention is to bring multiple TAG capabilities in a future update.
  • How many times can I use TAG?
    The TAG has a useable life of over 3000 uses, or around 5 years.
  • Can I share my TAG with friends and family?
    Yes, although they will need to have their own Executive Club account and will need to follow the instructions given above to associate the TAG with their account.
  • How do I remove TAG from my luggage?
    A release key is provided, with instructions printed on the product packaging.
  • How do I remove TAG from my account/app?
    If you wish to remove a TAG from your device, open the Settings page on the British Airways app and select TAG. This will show the TAG that is currently registered to your device. Simply swipe left on the displayed TAG number on the app screen to remove it. If you do this accidentally, you can add the TAG back again by following the onscreen instructions.
  • What luggage can I use TAG on?
    We recommend attaching to any luggage other than child seats, buggies, golf clubs and other oversized items. Please ensure that there are no other labels on the same handle as the TAG that could obscure the TAG’s screen.
  • Does TAG work if I have connecting flights?
    Not at this current time. We are looking at accommodating this in the future.
  • Can I track TAG?
    Not at this current time. Though TAG has embedded RFID capability, most airports in the world do not currently support this, but we are looking at future opportunities for using it. In the event that something goes wrong with TAG during your journey, the barcode on the bag of the device will allow us to identify your baggage.
  • What if TAG does not work at bag drop?
    Your host will be able to provide you with the support you require.
  • How long before travel do I need to update TAG?
    During the window of online check in and up to 1 hour before departure.
  • Do I need to charge TAG?
    TAG does not require recharging and has a life of over 3,000 uses.
  • Troubleshooting
    Always refer to the FAQs on ba.com and the mobile app. For connectivity issues we recommend switching Bluetooth off and on again on your device.
  • When will I receive my TAG?
    TAG is now shipping. Latest shipping dates will be visible in the check-out stage of your purchase.

For airlines

  • How can I explore the benefits of ViewTag for my airline and passengers?
    Please contact ViewTag at info@viewtag.com to schedule a consultation. We have helped numerous airlines explore, integrate, and launch successful electronic bag tag (EBT) pilot programs. We can also provide key information to support your business case with multiple models—done at no charge.