• Supports Android and iOS

  • Long-lasting battery life(1)

  • Locking attachedment strap

  • Secure information transfer

  • Intra-EU travel compliant

  • Interchangeable with bags

  • Water and dust resistant

  • More accurate bag sorting

  • Enabled tracking technology(2)

Product specs

Dimensions: 118mm (h) x 122mm (w) x 10mm (d)

Screen: 4.05" E ink Mobius bi-state display

Weight: 93 grams

Using the latest technologies

ViewTag is equipped with RFID UHF, Bluetooth Low Energy, and a digital display that shows the same flight information as traditional paper-based bag tags.

ViewTag removes the strain on landfills, reduces costs to airlines, and allows passengers to utilize an environmentally-friendly alternative to paper-based bag tags. In 2017, more than 4.65 billion paper tags were printed and attached to luggage flying all over the world. If placed end to end, these synthetic “paper” tags could wrap around the globe 59 times. Compounded and growing annually, this is a huge amount of waste generated by the industry for checked luggage.

(1) Battery life is rated for 3,200 screen changes and varies based on storage temperatures.

(2) Enabled tracking technology is provided by participating airlines.